Dr. Harisingh Gour University, Sagar University
Organizational Structure

Organization Structure of University Administration : Central University Act 2009

Note: w.e.f. 15 Jan.2009, A Central University Ordinance has been applied which is going to be available soon 

The University has 36 teaching departments and 70 affiliated colleges functioning under 11 faculties with approximately 80,000 students. The university runs 147 courses at various levels including PG and UG.   University teaching departments are functioning with the help of 300 faculty members and 900 employees out of which 78 teachers are acquiring   reorganization at the national level and 11 teachers are acquiring the international level. The university is valued as A-Grade by The National Accreditation Council (NAAC– an apex body of UGC meant for academic audit and standards).

According to Organization Structure chart (as shown below ) of Dr. Hari Singh Gour University Administration, the Executive Council is the supreme governing body of the university administration. The Vice-Chancellor is the Chairman of Executive Council and academic and administrative principal officer of the university. The university administration is broadly divided in two divisions. 

(a). Administration

(b). Examination

The division dealing with administration is headed by the Registrar (Administration) and Examination division is headed by the Registrar (Examination). The divisions are further divided into different sections and sub sections   divided into different administrative cells. The sections of the university administration are head by the Deputy Registrars as the controlling manager and Assistant Registrars as the line managers. The Section Officers/Superintendents are operational supervisors. The different administrative Sections are supported by the ministerial staff/Office Assistant   to discharge the routine duties. 

Administration Division  

The administrative division consists of following four sections.

1. Establishment Section

2. General Administration

3. Development

4. Finance 

For smooth functioning of university administration there are four Deputy Registrars, three Assistant Registrars, 24 Section officers/Superintendents and several ministerial staff engaged in the different sections/cells of administrative division. The total staff strength sanctioned in administrion division is 349. 

Establishment Section

The section deals with the matters relating to personnel administration which includes selection and recruitment, training and re-training and maintains of leave account of the university teachers, officers and employees. The Deputy Registrar (Establishment) is the head of this section. 

General Administration Section

This section deals with matters relating to the academic affairs which includes syllabus, research registration, annual report, equivalency, general teaching schedule, college affiliation and course recognisation. The Deputy Registrar (General Administration) is the head of this section.

Development Section  

The Development section is the backbone of the university administration with respect to support research activities and formulate development plans of the university. It also deals with the matters of quality assessment. The Deputy Registrar (Development) is the head of this section.

Finance Section 

This section performs the duties of accounting, preparation of budget, Salary, PF, Pension, receipts and payments, etc. The Finance Officer is the head of the financial affairs of the university.

Examination Division

The main function of this division is to conduct the examinations of the university and declare the results in a give time frame and maintain the confidentiality of the examination affairs. The administrative division consists of following sections.

1. Examination General

2. Examination Confidential

Under the control of Registrar (Examination) there are two Deputy Registrar, three Assistant Registrars, and 4 Section officers and 5 Superintendents along with a number of engaged in the above two sections of examination division. The total staff strength sanctioned in examination division is 76.

Examination General Section 

This section is responsible for preparing ground work for university examination work, conduct of examination, declaration of time table, declaration of result, preparations of merit list, gold medal, co-ordination between examination centre and examination section, maintenance of examination accounts, payment of examiner remuneration bills, dispatch of mail and maintenance of examination records. The Deputy Registrar (General) is the head of this section.

Examination Confidential Section 

The section has two cells 1. Examination confidential 2. Revaluation. The Confidential cell is responsible for moderation, question paper management, answer sheet, control of UFM, provide necessary assistance to the examination committees; declares timely and error free result etc. The revaluation cells is responsible of revaluation of answer sheets and declare result. The Deputy Registrar (Examination Confidential) is the head of this section.


Organization Structure of University Administration : Central University Act 2009

Note: w.r.f. 15 Jan.2009, A Central University Ordinance shall be applied which is going to be formed soon