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About the Department
The Department was established in 1946 right from the inception of the University under the able guidance of Prof. A.K. Bhattacharya and Dr. S.N. Banerjee. It has been relentless and pioneer in spreading the chemical education in each nook and corner of the globe completing 68 years of successful journey by 2015.   Under devoted teachers, the Department made significant contributions to chemical research and technology and trained hundreds who are themselves carrying out excellent work elsewhere. The broad areas of present research interest of teachers include- Natural Product Chemistry, Nanoscience and Technology, ElectroChemistry, Material Science, Lipid Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Chemical Kinetics, Heterocyclic Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Synthetic & Structural Inorganic and Organic Chemistry, Analytical Separation Chemistry, Bioinorganic, Catalysis, Solid-State , Computational Chemistry, etc. More than thousand papers have been published in different journal of National and International repute from the Department. With the aim of the academic-technological interaction, syllabi of the PG and PhD courses have been modified. Apart from core papers there are several elective papers (based on UGC scheme) from each branch of Chemistry which the students can choose. A Special Assistance Program (SAP) sanctioned by UGC on “Development of Advanced Electro Analytical Methods for Screening of Bio-molecules, Phytochemicals, Pharmaceuticals and modified Drugs” is currently running in the Department. The Department has also been sponsored FIST (infrastructural assistance) program of DST. The Department has Rheometer, Powder X-ray Diffractometer, GC-TOF, HPLC-QTOF, BET-surface analyzer, Electrochemical work station, UV-Visible spectrophotometer, FTIR spectrophotometer, Atomic Absorption spectrophotometer, Flame photometer, Pulse Polarography, CHN Analyzer, Voltammetric Analyzer Amperometer, Magnetic balance, HPLC, GLC, LCR Meter,  Dissolution apparatus, Computer Laboratory etc.
The Department is running various major research projects sanctioned by different funding agencies such as MPCST, DST, and UGC etc. The faculty members have made remarkable contribution in teaching and establishing high quality research facility.
History of the Department
The Department was established at the old site in Makronia Barak initially under the able guidance of Prof. A. K. Bhattacharya and Dr. S. N. Banerjee in the year 1946. After few years, the Department shifted to its present location. Under devoted teachers, the Department made significant contribution to chemical research and technology and trained thousands   of students who are themselves carrying out excellent work elsewhere. Soon after inception, an integrated diploma course in industrial and pharmaceutical Chemistry was started; latar upgraded to a degree course and went on to eastablishment of the Department of pharmaceutical science, on bifurcation of Chemistry Department in 1954. The Department had a significant contribution initially in the establishment of the Department of Criminology and Forensic science and Department of Pharmaceutical Science.
Prof. A. K. Bhattacharya was the founder head (July 1946 – June 1968) followed by Prof. S. S. Nigam ( July 1968- April 1981), Prof. A. V. Mahajani (April 1981-April 1983), Prof. Y. G. Kher (May 1983-Oct. 1984), Prof. S. P. Banerjee (Nov. 1984-April 2001), Prof. V. K. Saxena (May 2001-Sept. 2004), Prof. S. C. Garg (Sept. 2004 – July 2005), Prof. J. T. Rao (Aug. 2005-July 2006), Prof. K. S. Pitre ( July 2006-July 2009), Prof. O. P. Shrivastava (July 2009-July 2012). Prof. A. K. Banerjee (July 2012-May 2014) and Prof. S. K. Srivastava (May 2014-till date).
Research activities were carried out in the field of reaction kinetics (Prof. Bhatacharya and Prof. Mahajani), coordination Chemistry and soil Chemistry (Dr. S. N. Banerjee). Dr. O. N. Perti, Dr. M. N. Manhas, Dr. R. Singh, Dr. R. C. Rai, Dr. H. N. Srivastava, Dr. P. N. Awashthi, Dr. R. N. Purohit, Dr. G. Narain, Dr. G. L. Agarwal, Prof. M. C. Saxena, Prof. M. S. Kachhawha initiated the research in the field of stereo Chemistry, X-ray crystallography, blue perchromic acid, mixed ligand complexes, colloids and ferrocyanimides. Prof. Nigam’s interest was on essential oil Chemistry; Prof. Mahajani mainly worked on the reaction kinetics. Prof. Kher’s area was coordination Chemistry. Prof. S. P. Banerjee worked on Zeolite Chemistry. Prof. Saxena, Garg, and Rao worked on Natural product Chemistry. Prof. Pitre’s area of interest was electroChemistry. Prof. O. P. Srivastava worked on materials science. The Department is known in the area of natural products and their activity, electrochemical sensors/ bio-sensors, analytical Chemistry, materials science and solid state, lipids, nanoprecussor, bioinorganic coordination, structural inorganic and organic Chemistry, and theoretical Chemistry.


In 1978, several faculty members joined and the Department expanded rapidly in terms of both research and teaching.  A large number of small independent groups started flourishing and various faculty members made significant contributions in computational Chemistry, biopolymers, physical Chemistry of polymers, organic synthesis, and medicinal Chemistry, apart from the structure elucidation of natural products, biotransformation, and structure investigation of metal complexes, organometallic Chemistry and analytical Chemistry. After the year 2009 new group of faculty members joined in the Department with specialization in newer areas that included bio-molecular structures, synthesis of nucleosides, medicinal Chemistry, electroChemistry and material Chemistry. With advent of the new era of materials and nanomaterials, other young and energetic faculty members have also joined the Department. With this input the Department is marching forward in newer areas of research and teaching. The Department of Chemistry is well known for its excellence in teaching andresearch. The faculty members of the Department are engaged in state of the art research as well as guiding the PhD, MSc and BSc Students. The Department has made great strides by revising and updating the MSc syllabus time and again. A thoroughly updated and revised MSc syllabus has been implemented in the year 2009. Advanced level optional courses are also offered at the PhD and post graduate levels and these courses are taught semester wise. Collaborative research programmes with many research laboratories and research institutes also operating very successfully with mutual benefit. Details of research work being done on various areas and significant contribution made by the present faculty members with their achievements are been included in their personal profile. 
Contact Us
Dr. S. K. Srivastava
Professor and Head
Department of Chemistry
Dr. Harisingh Gour Vishwavidyalaya (A Central University)
Sagar (MP) – 470003, India  
E-mail: hodchemistrysgo@gmail.com


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